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Jailbreak the Sacred

May 7, 2019

I was #blessed to have this incredible conversation with my friend and colleague, Dayna Lynn Nuckolls. Dayna is a Chicago-based western sidereal astrologer and spiritual practitioner. Our conversation wends its way through Dayna's experience growing up black and Christian and we talk about the spiritual power that erupts from initiatory experiences, a jailbroken Christianity, sidereal astrology, and assembling cohesive narratives from fractured experiences in alignment with the cyclical nature of time.

This is not one to miss, and it's a conversation I continue to think about even weeks after recording. Delighted to share it with you!

Follow Dayna's work at and à Twitter: @peoplesoracle.

BONUS EPISODE (out on 9 May): Dayna is well-known as a voice for the development of a cohesive, non-appropriative Western approach to sidereal astrology, and she and I do a deep dive into the mechanics of her approach. Fascinating stuff. Pop over to Patreon and support us on the $10 tier if you'd like to join in the fun!