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Jailbreak the Sacred

Jun 18, 2019

Today on the show I’ve got the privilege of welcoming my friend Sam Block, with whom I became acquainted through Spooky Twitter, only to find out that he lives in my hometown, the forested wilds of Northern Virginia.

Sam wears many hats; in addition to being a software developer, talented geomancer, and all-purpose magician, Sam is a prolific writer and has a robust online presence through his website, The Digital Ambler. He’s also a fully initiated priest in the Afro-Cuban spiritual tradition known as La Regla de Ocha Lucumí (also known as Santería).

Today we’re talking spiritual lineage, sacred story, the ethics of magic, and the power of alternative spiritual practices and stories to shape the world for the better of all.

Our conversation covers: a theory of magic (WHO IS SHE!?), the similarities between henosis in the Hermetic tradition and theosis in the Christian tradition, the role of the occult in shaping a healed world, the intricacies of being a white person in a non-white tradition, and several other stopping points along the way. An absolute joy of a conversation.

Connect with Sam online at and on Twitter @polyphanes.

This week's bonus episode for Patreon subscribers (which will come out later this week) will be an introit into geomancy, with a live geomancy session! And no, it's not the terrain-based support skill from Final Fantasy. Pop over to Patreon and support the JTS community for access to that!