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Jailbreak the Sacred

Aug 28, 2019

It’s a great pleasure to welcome not one but two of the most fabulous astrologers I know to the show this week, the inimitable Colin Bedell and mizChartreuse.

We became acquainted through the astrology conference world and I reached out to have a conversation with them regarding A Course in Miracles, the seminal 1976 book which has been influential in both of their lives and for thousands (if not millions) of other individuals. ACIM has been an influential source text for both of them, and they've got some utterly fantastic insights to share with us.

My idea for this episode emerged out of my own recent re-engagement with the tradition of New Thought. I think the conversation is a timely one considering Marianne Williamson’s current presidential campaign and the cultural resurgence of conscious living as, gosh, a possible force for changing the world for the better. Could you imagine?

We've got not one but TWO bonus episodes, one on ACIM & Astrology, and another reflecting on Marianne Williamson's presidential campaign and the role of consciousness in political discourse. Become a patron today to get access to those when they're released:

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