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Jailbreak the Sacred

Jul 18, 2019

A little late on the release due to ECLIPSE MANIA, but here we are. It's a privilege to welcome my good friend Andrew Lamont to the show. Andrew is a fiber artist, magician, and astrologer based out of Rhode Island, and today we're sitting down to talk about the process of jailbreaking Catholicism, embodiment and desire, and the importance of ritual work in developing connection to community across the boundaries of space and time. Glad to have a fellow Maryboi on the show.


  • Growing up Deadhead/Catholic, now spooky
  • Ritual as guide into embodiment
  • MARY
  • Embodiment and desire as process—spiritual dimensions thereof.
  • The reciprocal flow between mysticism and eroticism.
  • Ancestral work—sanctioned or otherwise

Connect with Andrew on Twitter @patron_sailor.

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